Assessor Skills and Centre Manager

    This British Psychological Society (BPS) recognised 3-day Global Leader Assessor Skills and Centre Manager Course enables delegates to develop the knowledge and skills needed to become a qualified Assessor and Centre Manager in a range of typical Assessment Centre/ Development Centre events. It is designed for HR Professionals, management and non-management staff who are required to be part of an assessment function.

    You will be shown how to select exercises and design a matrix for an assessment event to gain a robust measure of the behaviours at the level in question. We will also delve into the art of recording, classifying and rating behavioural evidence across a range of observable exercises including group exercises, role plays and analysis exercises / case studies and presentations. It will also instruct in the art of running an efficient and robust post centre ‘wash-up’ session and guide consistency and quality throughout an event.

    There is no pre-coursework required. However, you can expect homework, an observed feedback session and a multiple choice exam at the end of the programme.

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