This British Psychological Society (BPS) recognised 3-day Global Leader Assessor Skills and Centre Manager Course enables delegates to develop the knowledge and skills needed to become a qualified Assessor and Centre Manager in a range of typical Assessment Centre/ Development Centre events. It is designed for HR Professionals, management and non-management staff who are required to be part of an assessment function.

    You will be shown how to select exercises and design a matrix for an assessment event to gain a robust measure of the behaviours at the level in question. We will also delve into the art of recording, classifying and rating behavioural evidence across a range of observable exercises including group exercises, role plays and analysis exercises / case studies and presentations. It will also instruct in the art of running an efficient and robust post centre ‘wash-up’ session and guide consistency and quality throughout an event.

    There is no pre-coursework required. However, you can expect homework, an observed feedback session and a multiple choice exam at the end of the programme.

    Upon successful completion, you'll be armed with the knowledge and skills to:

    1. Understand the key principles of Assessment and Development Centres.
    2. Demonstrate the fundamentals of centre design to evoke maximum value.
    3. Recognise and understand the relevance of competencies and be able to explain how they manifest themselves in different Assessment Centre exercises.
    4. Manage the centres before, during and after the event.
    5. Demonstrate the ability to complete the Behavioural Assessment Process effectively for a variety of exercises.
    6. Prepare and present candidate data in accurate behavioural terms, supported by relevant examples.
    7. Facilitate the communication surrounding centres to support outcomes.
    8. Prepare for and run a feedback session.
    9. Effectively manage  centre data to maximise understanding and decisions made.
    10. Completing the course grants you access to Talogy's toolbox of additional business simulation materials like role plays, group exercises, and case studies for your Assessment or Development Centre needs.

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