Logiks is a suite of evidence based ability tests that help you accurately determine an individual’s cognitive capability.

    Practitioners are able to choose from a range of options to assess current and potential employees at all levels. Logiks delivers an intuitive participant experience, with simple administration and instant access to analysis. At the core of each test is robust science, so practitioners can be confident that their assessment of ability is fair, accurate and reliable every time.

    The two-day course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to administer ability assessments in line with best practice. You will benefit from a British Psychological Society (BPS) approved training course which provide you with the opportunity to become accredited with the Test User Occupational Ability (TUOA) qualification. The course will cover the fundamentals of Logiks and equip you with the knowledge and skills to use the Logiks ability suite tests. Not only will you delve deeper into the statistics and science behind ability assessments, you will also develop the skills to interpret and deliver ability test feedback using Logiks reports.

    Who will benefit?

    The Logiks accreditation is aimed at both independent and in-house consultants, HR professionals, L&D, Occupational Psychologists, and Hiring Managers.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Increase your knowledge of psychometric tests of ability and their use in organisations
    • Uncover the science and statistics behind ability assessments
    • Cover best practice issues in using tests in the work place
    • Provide you with the knowledge and skills to use Cubiks ability tests
    • Enable you to administer and interpret Cubiks ability tests
    • Train you in how to deliver test feedback

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