Most, if not all jobs entail a degree of pressure. However, people differ from one another in terms of how they will respond to this.

    Resilience has been identified as key factor in determining how people adapt and, while the sources of such challenges may differ across contexts, how someone interprets and responds to these is vital to ensure that individual and organisational performance is maintained.

    Stressors can take on many forms for an employee. For example, some people may experience pressure when their workload increases, an unsettling change takes place, difficulties arise in life outside of work, or where they experience a setback in a task that they are completing. Resilience can help people to adapt and deal with these situations in a positive way. For an employer, a resilient employee is one who can face difficult challenges and maintain high levels of performance. Whether the context involves a large number of small stressors or a single, notable stressor, selecting employees on the basis of their level of resilience, in conjunction with other criteria, can assist in identifying individuals who are likely to perform well even when faced with difficulties and challenges.

    This two day course certifies practitioners to interpret and feedback The Resilience Questionnaire™.

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