What is a P.A.P.I. assessment?

    The Personality and Preference Inventory (P.A.P.I.) is a personality test packed with science and insight and has been successfully deployed by employers globally for decades.

    Quick to complete, P.A.P.I. provides you with a deeper understanding of what drives people and crucial insight into role suitability and employee development strategy, enabling better match to roles and more focused development activity.

    What you need to know about P.A.P.I.

    • 20-30 minutes to complete
    • 44-162 items, depending on version
    • Available in over 30 languages
    • Accreditation required
    • Measures work-related personality and preferred style of working



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    By using P.A.P.I., we get to the core issues easier and can focus quicker and better on the essential character traits for a specific position. Our interviews are more effective, and we can better inform our line managers about possible areas of concern.

    Petra Dekker, Corporate Campus Recruiter
    TATA Steel

    Look at 7 factors of personality, split into 26 need and role scales

    • Impact and drive
    • Interaction
    • Engagement
    • Organisation and structure
    • Work momentum
    • Ideas and change
    • Composure


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