Talogy’s hiring solutions support a successful hiring process by allowing you to make informed hiring decisions, increase efficiency and save time. We offer the perfect blend of psychology and technology for candidate-friendly assessments with insightful, data-backed reports.

    The challenges of hiring in 2022

    When hiring people who will add value to your organisation, going with your gut feeling can have negative consequences. In today’s world, these challenges are exacerbated with the high demand for candidates and increased competition as a result of remote or hybrid working. This makes the cost of a bad hire exponential.

    You need to get the balance right. Hire fast, for fit and retention, whilst maintaining quality insights and keeping your candidate engaged. Our ultimate formula for successful hiring can help you to do just that.

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    Ingredients of a successful hiring strategy

    Finding the right candidate for every role can be tricky, time consuming and costly. Screening high volumes of applicants and identifying top talent is only effective with a hiring strategy that incorporates:

    • Definitive success profiles for each role to remain focused
    • Psychometric assessments for accurate, unbiased measurement
    • Candidate experience insights and feedback analysis to keep improving
    • Data as a basis for hiring decisions to stay objective
    • Behavioural competencies identification
    • Company values and culture fit analysis for long-term success
    • Candidate potential to grow and learn in future
    • Learning agility, emotional intelligence and work ethic

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    Modular System


    Build your assessment journey based on what matters most to your organisation – a completely personalised solution

    What it evaluates:

    Mix and match elements from the following modules

    • Screening (high risk candidates)
    • Selection (critical competencies)
    • Development (skills and gaps)

    How it uses data:

    Short and comprehensive reporting with scores for each risk factor or competency, suggested interview probing questions, and a final recommendation

    Ideal for:

    Bespoke, complex businesses and job roles

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    Cubiks HIRE Talent Selection


    Attract, engage, and match the best talent by empowering you to make data-driven hiring decisions quickly

    What it evaluates:

    Modules include:
    • Value and culture match
    • Personality and work style
    • Ability
    • Situational judgment
    • Language fluency

    How it uses data:

    Produces a best match score and group report ranking to give you a complete candidate picture

    Ideal for:

    High volume hiring

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    Caliper Profile


    Measures an individual’s personality characteristics and motivations to predict on-the-job behaviors and potential

    What it evaluates:

    Strengths, motivations, and areas of opportunity as it relates to the workplace

    • 280 behaviours
    • 56 competencies,
    • 56 validated job models
    • 21 personality traits & abstract reasoning

    How it uses data:

    Overall fit score against a job model along with an overview of key findings and recommended behavioural interview questions

    Ideal for:

    All industries, in particular management and client/people facing roles

    View Caliper Profile

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