Assess personality for recruitment or development

    At Talogy, we believe that successful talent management starts with accurate assessments. P.A.P.I. provides HR professionals with the tools they need to make informed decisions, resulting in higher-quality role matching and improved employee development strategies.

    With P.A.P.I., you can trust that you're making the right choices for your organisation's success. Gain the competitive edge you need to attract and retain the best talent and unlock their full potential.

    Benefits of occupational personality assessments

    Personality questionnaires provide pivotal insight at all stages of the talent life cycle.

    • Identify the best talent – explore aspects of personality linked with potential.
    • Strengthen hiring decisions – understand what new hires will bring to your organisation.
    • Discover talent for specialist roles – focus on what's crucial for success in specific roles, including sales and leadership positions. 
    • Enhance insight for managers – gain deeper understanding of what motivates and inspires your people.
    • Develop your workforce – understand how to support individual and team growth.

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    Assessment strictly reserved for HR professionals.

    Why use P.A.P.I. tests?

    Talogy combines psychology and technology to solve your talent challenges. P.A.P.I. personality tests are based on solid scientific and psychological principles, and results are presented in intuitive and innovative reports.

    • Measures work-related personality and preferred style of working
    • Global solution available in more than 30 languages with cultural sensitivity
    • Multi-device, simple, and intuitive interface to improve candidate experience (20-30 min to complete)
    • Personalise with employee branding and specific job profiles for targeted results
    • 15+ configurable reports with dynamic and concise insights based on competencies - suitable for untrained line managers and expert users
    • Detailed reports including someone's motivators and demotivators, potential strengths and development areas, the interview questions you should ask, and more
    • No accreditation required for P.A.P.I. 3+
    • 44-162 items, depending on version

    What does P.A.P.I. measure?


    The P.A.P.I. questionnaire looks at 7 factors of personality, split into 26 need and role scales.

    • Impact and drive
    • Organisation and structure
    • Ideas and change
    • Interaction
    • Work momentum
    • Composure
    • Engagement

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    Assessment strictly reserved for HR professionals.