Switch seamlessly from TalentQ to Talogy online talent assessment

    TalentQ are switching off, so now is the time to prepare and look for alternative psychometric providers. Talogy can help you move quickly and cost-effectively to ensure that you have the very best psychometric testing service you need. Now more than ever, talent assessment for recruitment or development, needs to deliver a seamless, fully virtual experience, that is easy to use and fair.

    Selecting the right people for your organisation is critical. Whether you are screening high volumes of candidates or selecting from smaller pools, our tech and expertise ensure a great fit-to-role. Our flexible and engaging talent assessment solutions help organisations globally to identify, assess and on-board the right talent, whatever your industry or location. In fact, we work with over 5,000 companies worldwide.


    Changing talent assessments for the better

    Understandably, you'll have lots of questions when looking to switch assessment providers. With the help of our expert team, we can guide you through the process to upgrade your assessment solutions:

    • How we can map your existing assessment framework onto the Talogy platform
    • Taking you through our range of off-the-shelf assessments
    • How we can help you to create a more immersive, interactive candidate experience

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    How Dixons Carphone improved their graduate recruitment process

    After working with Dixons Carphone to improve their unbiased selection with their graduate hire, they saw a huge shift in quality of graduate hires. Most notably, female graduate hires increased from 26% to 64%.


    Why choose Talogy talent assessments?

    We are talent experts. We are psychologists, data scientists and HR consultants who screen, select, develop, and engage talent worldwide. With psychology at our heart and technology at our fingertips, we enable you to make data-driven people decisions. Delivering over 30 million assessments in more than 50 languages annually, we improve work everywhere and anywhere. Unlock talent potential. Realise your ambition.

    Find the right candidates with bespoke talent assessment solutions

    Our bespoke and ready-to-use hiring assessment solutions help you screen out volume applicants and select top talent right from the start. Talogy are a proud industry-leading employee assessment provider with over 70 years of experience helping businesses like you drive organisational growth with science-led assessments.

    With our talent assessment tools, we can help you improve:
    • Productivity
    • Employee retention
    • Cost-of-hire
    • Diversity
    • Interviewing
    • Legal challenges
    • Data security
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    Marks & Spencer case study

    Developing diverse leadership teams for the future by introducing a tailored Breakthrough Leaders programme on 3 topics: Leader with Emotional Intelligence, Leader of Self, and Inclusive Leader, with each element provided by different suppliers.