This paper analyzes data on individuals working in the Human Resources (HR) sector who completed the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP), an online self report questionnaire.

    The results show the HR sector was somewhat higher in Emotional Intelligence (EI) than most other job sectors; in particular they scored strongly on interpersonal aspects of EI such as valuing others, empathy, and connecting with others. However, alongside this strength was a tendency for this sector to be more submissive or benevolent, have lower self-confidence, be less assertive, and over-trusting.

    This may impact on the HR sector’s capacity for progressing to senior leadership roles that expand their strategic influence within organizations. For example, research shows that the HR sector has a strong appreciation for the benefit that EI can bring to organizations (90% of respondents) yet has had far less success at including EI within their organizations’ development programs (30% of respondents).



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    Emotional Intelligence is the missing link that turns personality into effective performance.