Hiring and developing effective employees is important in any industry, and the manufacturing industry is no exception.

    Talogy has taken years of experience, data, and best practices to develop accurate and fair assessment tools specifically for the manufacturing industry. The Talogy Modular System for Manufacturing is an online assessment tool that allows organizations to thoroughly assess their critical competencies. All of which are required to help organizations select and develop productive, hardworking, and safe employees. Our modular approach means you can select the content and style that best fits your organization to create an engaging and focused assessment experience. In this 30-minute Talent Tech Tour you will learn:

    • The benefits of adopting a modular assessment approach 
    • How our assessment content allows you to screen out high-risk applicants for manufacturing roles early in the hiring process 
    • How to use our in-depth selection toolkit to identify candidates that will be the best match for your workforce
    • How to develop an assessment strategy that is tailored to your organization’s needs and culture

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    Steven Jarrett, Ph.D.

    Consulting Director of Manufacturing COE


    Steven has over 10 years of experience designing assessments and selection processes to solve unique organizational issues. Has worked extensively with manufacturing, transportation, and construction industry to identify and select the right people.

    Trevor McGlochlin

    Managing R&D Consultant


    Trevor has been with Talogy since 2014. He is a product owner and leads the Manufacturing, Service, and Financial modular systems within R&D. He is also the R&D product owner for modular reporting. His areas of interest in selection and assessment include global selection, mobile simulation, and user experience.