When it comes to working with individuals in more senior positions during the planning of your assessment centre, there are several crucial factors to keep in mind.

    When evaluating senior candidates, it is essential to adopt an approach that encourages them to openly discuss their issues and challenges. Additionally, you must provide opportunities for leaders to showcase their strengths, while also creating a comfortable environment for participants to receive suggestions on personal growth and improvement. As leaders often possess extensive experience, it is crucial to have assessments and assessors that match their level of expertise and can effectively challenge them.

    Consequently, engagement should begin right from the start, even before the actual assessment centre.

    Our tip sheet delves into the following four key aspects that you should consider to make your Assessment Centre a success:

    • Getting to know your candidates
    • Making a positive impression
    • Establishing a connection
    • Empathising with the individual
    Tip sheet - Four tips on how to engage leaders at assessment centres

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    Engagement soars when it’s a priority and when it’s considered with purpose and intention. With the right amount of preparation and the right level of engagement, you’ll be surprised at the additional insight you can gather from your senior candidates, as well as how much more value they will gain from the experience.

    Ellen Magnus