Finding the right candidate for every role can be tricky and time-consuming. From screening out volume applicants to selecting top talent, our combination of ready-to-use psychometric assessments and bespoke solutions helps you throughout every step of the recruitment process. Experienced consultants work with you, analysing your existing recruitment process and designing the best assessment solution for your hiring needs.

    All psychometric assessments are easy to implement, fair, robust and highly validated in an engaging candidate-centric process, leveraging our cutting-edge technologies.

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    Download our free guide on nine assessment types to select the right candidates

    This guide will detail the advantages, disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses of each type of assessment as well as when to use which!

    Find the right candidates with bespoke psychometric recruitment solutions

    Our bespoke and ready-to-use psychometric assessments help you screen out volume applicants and select top talent right from the start. Talogy are proud industry leaders in employment assessments with over 70 years of experience helping businesses like you drive organisational growth with science-led assessments.

    With our psychometric hiring tools, we can help you improve:

    • Productivity
    • Employee retention
    • Cost-of-hire
    • Diversity
    • Interviewing
    • Legal challenges
    • Data security

    Download our free guide on assessment types

    Fill out the form on this page to download our free guide with practical tips for selecting the types of candidates that are right for you using the right assessments.

    This guide will detail:

    • Goals - what is each assessment intended to measure?
    • Advantages and Disadvantages - what are the strengths and weaknesses of each type?
    • Use Cases - what are the job roles or job traits that apply to each assessment type


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