Solutions to common challenges faced in the industry

    For decades, the world's top manufacturers have trusted Talogy to build solutions to help make the best hiring decisions and build productive, skilled workforces.

    In this advice guide, our team of experts discuss some of the more common challenges organizations face in selecting high-quality manufacturing employees, give guidance on how to overcome them, and provide results seen from client projects.

    Learn about these topics and more:

    • Developing an efficient hiring process with HR technology
    • Improving safety performance in manufacturing operations
    • Identifying high-potential employees for frontline leadership roles
    • Ensuring your hiring process is legally compliant
    • Reducing time-to-hire in your hiring process
    • Incorporating mobile testing to improve candidate experience

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    A well-defined hiring process not only finds great employees but can also save time and money by reducing the need to replace and train new people who were not a good fit.