Do you feel that your organisation’s hiring process could use an overhaul?

Whether it be that it takes far too long, has a slightly archaic design, or fails to accurately communicate the necessary job responsibilities, we’ve seen it all.

And while no hiring process is a carbon copy from one organisation to another – after all, different positions need to assess for different competencies – there are standard components that can be added to any hiring process to help meet your hiring goals.

We’ve compiled an infographic that presents these steps in a concise format that will ultimately help you:

  • Create a candidate-friendly process
  • Ensure your HR team and hiring managers are spending their time efficiently
  • Employ technology where it makes sense, and human interaction when needed
  • Provide key considerations about adding an assessment to your hiring process

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to creating a consistent, effective hiring process that keeps both your candidates and employees happy. These will help you secure that new employee who has adequately demonstrated their skills and whose motivations align with those offered within the role and the organisation.

Four key elements for an effective hiring process infographic preview

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