Every manager struggles with the same thing.

They need to build teams but have a challenging time finding people.
With the great resignation and war on talent on hand, companies need be quick to snatch candidates from the competition, but at the same time need to ensure they hire the best qualified. How to balance speed and quality in finding the right talents for your team?

In a tight labour market, it is increasingly difficult for organisations to hire the best teams to ensure business continuity and growth as:

  • You either have too many candidates to pick from, or there seem to be no qualified candidates at all.
  • You need to be quicker than your competition when you seem to find the right fitted candidate. But at the same time just going with your gut can mean a bad hire, which is something you cannot afford.

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With our easy, clear, and fast online assessment we can help your teams' managers get insight in the skills and competencies of the candidates at one glance.

The managers can use the assessment right away, select the appropriate job profile and get instant feedback.
Just simply add the assessment to your job application process.





Why using Talogy's Hiring for Managers solution?

Easy, clear, fast

  • Can be used right away by anyone who is hiring
  • No training needed

Quickly see who the best matching candidate is

  • Easy to read reports
  • Match score and interview questions for manager

A great candidate experience

  • Mobile friendly
  • Only 10 to 20 minutes to complete
Talogy delivers simple and smart Talent Management Solutions that scales with you.

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