Different leadership climates can create a variety of feelings amongst employees


Today’s world is characterised by constant change – and continuous adjustment. This is reflected in the market and organisations around the world. Adjustment takes work, and there are two essential conditions for organisational change that are often overlooked: climate and culture.

Climate reflects how the emotional intelligence (EI) of leaders affects their employees. When this climate is positive it leads to higher performance, engagement and well-being – within teams and consequently in the organisation.

Culture on the other hand, is the personality of the organisation - its DNA. It’s often ingrained into the core of the organisation and therefore can be hard to change. But changing it for the better, can give far-reaching results.

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Talogy’s leadership development solutions help you to optimise your climate and culture – to truly ensure your organisation is ready for the change that is coming. With the use of our powerful diagnostic tools, our expert consultants work with you to identify strengths and development opportunities and will help guide the organisation and its leaders to a place of positivity.

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eBook: Changing Hearts and Minds

Creating a positive leadership climate is a great starting point for enabling powerful changes in organisational culture. If you would like to know what culture change can bring to your organisation, read our complete and insightful eBook on the topic.

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Mindgage is an innovative and engaging cognitive ability test series which is designed to be used in assessment. The tests are context-free and can be used across a wide range of job roles and levels.


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Leadership Climate Indicator (LCI)

Measuring and developing the climate created by leaders in an organisation is invaluable, as a positive workplace climate leads to higher performance, engagement and well-being.



Talogy 360

Optimise how your leaders get feedback on the way they work by bringing together science and technology for powerful insights to help your leaders develop and your organisation grow.


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