Well run, safe organizations hold their leaders accountable for the personal safety of their teams.

While establishing accountability is important, most leaders remain ignorant regarding what this means in terms of their evolving safety leadership. Do they possess strong safety leadership traits already, or unknowingly, do their leadership styles increase the exposure of their teams? How do leaders get an accurate assessment of their current safety leadership?

Having strong safety leaders is what every organization desires. The journey to achieve this goal begins with understanding the individual leaders, and their unique safety leader profiles. Once this happens, the leaders have that “ahh-ha!” moment where they better understand their current leadership behaviors, the implication for their people’s safety, and what they feel compelled to change. The difference now, is that the impetus to change is not an external program, but an internal understanding of themselves. In other words, we’ve finally made safety from a leadership perspective – personal!

This whitepaper discusses the research data showing the strong correlation between safety leadership profiles measured through interactive assessments and group incident rates.


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To get at the heart of site safety performance, organizations must first start with the leadership team and accurately understand their SafetyDNA.